April 19, 2020 5:00 pm

The miracle of mercy which is necessary for our salvation reminds us of the loving voice of our Savior: “Fear not! I died on the cross, but now I am alive forevermore!” Divine Mercy reaches human beings through the Heart of our crucified Lord because He Himself is Love and Mercy.

In these times of illness and death, let us reflect on the mercy of Christ in this same light – that through his suffering and death, eternal life was made possible.

In this video about St. John Paul II’s Divine Mercy homily from our video archives, St. John Paul II reflects on mercy and love and suffering and salvation, emphasizing that the secret of true and lasting happiness lies in abandoning ourselves trustfully to our Savior.

In this confidence, may our prayer today and always be the simple yet powerful, “Jesus, I trust in you.” #DivineMercy #UnleashTheGospel #Catholic #Mercy #Coronavirus #JesusITrustInYou
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