Stewardship is a way of life. To be good stewards is to be both responsible and generous with our time, our energy, our talents, our money and other resources. A parish cannot function or thrive with-out the generosity of its parish members. We are trying to become a full “Stewardship Parish.” That means budgeting upfront a certain amount of time and money to be given to the parish as well as other community and charitable outreaches. In turn, as a parish it means setting aside a tithe of our resources to be used by other parishes/groups in need who serve the mission of furthering God’s kingdom. Stewardship means that we don’t give back to God the time and money that is “leftover” after we have covered everything else, but rather that God deserves “first fruits” and we plan our lives accordingly.

Finance Council Stewardship Education and Planned Giving Committee
Stewardship Commission Collection Counting Teams
Landscape Committee (Gardening Angels) Catholic Services Appeal (C.S.A.)
Building and Maintenance Committee Office/Phone/Mailing Help
Budget Committee

For more information or to volunteer please contact:

Facilities/Office Manager
Marge Deradoorian
(586) 781-9010