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Worship / Liturgy / Music
The Eucharist is the “source and summit” of the Church’s life. Worship is at the core of what makes us a community of faith and binds us together. Full, conscious and active participation of all the faithful is the benchmark by which the Church gauges its Worship. We invite all parish members to be involved in at least one of the areas of liturgical ministry.  For information on them, click on any of the items listed below. To check current schedules, click on the appropriate group below and then on the link provided for the schedule.
Worship Commission
  Members meet monthly from September through June for two hours. 8-10 members who are willing to both be formed in liturgical understanding and to help the parish prepare its worship in meaningful ways. Members take responsibility for training and overseeing all the groups that tie into the Worship Commission. This commission acts as liaison on behalf of the parish when ecumenical prayer is involved. For further links which promote understanding of liturgy, preparing for liturgy and other worship resources, click on “Further Worship links”.  

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