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Stewardship is a way of life. To be good stewards is to be both responsible and generous with our time, our energy, our talents, our money and other resources. A parish cannot function or thrive without the generosity of its parish members. We are trying to become a full “Stewardship Parish.” That means budgeting upfront a certain amount of time and money to be given to the parish as well as other community and charitable outreaches. In turn, as a parish it means setting aside a tithe of our resources to be used by other parishes/groups in need who serve the mission of furthering God’s kingdom. Stewardship means that we don’t give back to God the time and money that is “leftover” after we have covered everything else, but rather that God deserves “first fruits” and we plan our lives accordingly. For more information on any of these areas please click on any of the items below or contact Paula Klozik. At SS. John and Paul, the Finance Council works very closely with the Stewardship Commission and its committees. Click on any of the areas below for more information.
Finance Council
According to the Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law, each parish is required to have an active, functioning Finance Council.  In the Archdiocese of Detroit each parish is required to have both a Pastoral Council and a Finance Council.  The role of the Finance Council has usually been fufilled by a committee of the Stewardship Commission.  Now the Finance Council is a stand alone council, with its own membership, officers, agenda, minutes and so forth.  Because our Stewardship Commission has been functioning at a high degree of involvement and very smoothly, the Finance Council has decided to meet with them, when possible, using their existing committee structure as a way to carry out various tasks, and then meeting as needed as an official Finance Council, when the business at hand demands it.  The Finance Council operates according to the statutes promulgated by the Archdiocese of Detroit. A complete copy of these statutes can be found in chapter seven of the Archdiocesan Handbook for Councils. The members of SS. John and Paul Finance Council, with the concurrence of the Pastoral Council, agreed to operate with five members. Each member is appointed by the pastor to a term of four years, renewable twice.
Stewardship Commission
  The Stewardship Commission is a group of 6-9 parish members who help monitor the parish’s administrative needs and advise the pastor and business manager on matters affecting the financial and physical well-being of the parish. They are to find ways to encourage the parish to become a full stewardship parish. Six two-hour meetings a year and connection to one of the other stewardship committees listed below.  
Stewardship Education and Planned Giving Committee

3-5 parish members who design ways to encourage the parish to its full potential in being stewards of time, talent and treasure. 3-4 planning meetings a year.

Budget and Finance Committee
  3-4 parish members who monitor the fiscal year reporting, help the pastor prepare a yearly budget, and keep the stewardship commission informed. Three budget prep meetings a year and several hours total throughout the year monitoring the fiscal situation.You may wish to review the Parish year-end Report and current budget summary.  
Building Maintenance Committee

4-5 parish members who monitor the condition of the parish buildings and grounds (quarterly inspections, 1 hour each), making recommendations to the stewardship commission. Includes a yearly “building audit” (about 10 hours) of all parish material assets.

Gardening Committee ("The Gardening Angels")
  10 or more members interested in beautifying the parish grounds who plan the landscaping and organize work days for other parish members to help. 2-3 planning meetings per year; Spring and Fall work days with occasional summer maintenance of flower areas.  We call these our "Gardening Angels."  And all are welcome to be part of this ministry to keep the parish grounds beautiful.   
Catholic Services Appeal (C.S.A.) Committee
  15 or more people who help the parish office in the yearly Catholic Services Appeal. Specific areas include helping with the planning, to helping on Sundays take the contributions or audit the results. A few hours, mostly on weekends during May. click on Catholic Services Appeal for more details connected to this annual fund-raising campaign.  
Collection Counting Teams
  Teams of 5-6 who count the weekly collection on a rotating basis every five weeks from about 10:30 a.m.—12:30 Sundays.  
Office/Phone/Mailing Help
  Occasionally help with parish office, religious education, youth, or Christian service mailings and phone calls. Called only as needed. 2-3 hours each time you volunteer for a project. For more information, please contact Debbie Kennard.  

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