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Parish Pastoral Council
  The Parish Pastoral Council is to be sensitive to the movement of the Spirit among God’s people, to work for a unified vision or general consensus among its members, and to help the whole parish to fulfill ifs mission in the world.

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor and the coordinating and unifying structure of the Parish community. The Parish Pastoral Council is the means of achieving the full participation of the whole Parish in its mission by giving all a voice in supporting, guiding and directing the various aspects of Parish life. It gathers together the visions, hopes, and needs of the communion, reflects upon them until a consensus is reached, and translates this consensus into Parish planning through the establishment of goals and objectives. The Council sees that these goals and objectives are implemented by the Parish commissions and committees and are evaluated annually.

For the current Guidelines and Pastoral Constitution click on “Council Operating Guidlelines .” The Archdiocese recently published a new Archdiocesan Handbook for all councils. Part One, chapters one to six, all focus on the purpose, structure, and guidelines for pastoral councils. 

Some specific ways to help with the work of the Pastoral Council and its involvement in the Vicariate are listed below. If you are interested in being a member or would like to nominate someone to be a member, please dowload and fill out the Parish Council Nomination Form.


Parish Pastoral Council Member

A group of 12 parish members who involve themselves in parish activities, who help the parish vision for the future, who advise the pastor on key matters, and who act as an “insight” group into the spirit of the parish. Members usually serve for three years on a rotating basis. One meeting a month on average for two hours, with occasional subcommittee responsibilities.

Vicariate Council Member

Two representatives from the parish who attend vicariate (group of nine area parishes) meetings to keep the parish connected to what is happening on a broader scale than just the parish. 4 main meetings a year, 3 hours in length, with involvement in one subcommittee in addition to providing a written or oral report to the parish pastoral council. For vicariate news, click on North Macomb Vicariate link at the top of the page.

Young Adult (18-35) Representative to Vicariate Young Adult Ministry Team

18-35 year old, single or married, college or non-college, who attends area-wide meetings to give vision for ministry with and for 18-35 year olds in the North Macomb area. Monthly meetings 6-8 times per year. Periodic written reports to the parish pastoral council.


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