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Age-Specific Sessions
The monthly G.R.A.C.E. sessions are essential for formation but are not the total formation program. Another key component are situation and age-specific sessions. Click on any of the age related links on the left for more details. For children and those preparing for sacraments, these sessions are mandatory as part of their formation and catechetical preparation.
Monthly Sessions

There are seven monthly sessions which form the core of catechetical faith formation for everyone in the parish. They are mandatory for any family with a child in faith formation. They are strongly encouraged for everyone else. No child is dropped off. At least one parent or related adult experiences the evenings with the child (grade 1-8). The format for the seven monthly sessions can vary but always includes the following:

  • A monthly session on a specific evening of the week. Each family and each individual adult chooses a specific evening of the week and attends that night for their monthly session. Due to space limitations we have to limit some evenings to specific groups or give them first priority. Please see the G.R.A.C.E. Calendar for details.
  • A meal together to begin the evening. Meals are a time to meet and interact with some other members of the parish family. There is allways be a catechetical activity connected to the meal time. Even the meal time is formational.
  • A catechetical theme. Each monthly session focuses on one catechetical theme that is important to our Catholic and Christian faith. Whatever the groupings (families together, children in age appropriate groups, etc.) the same theme will be looked at, discussed, learned. Each monthly session ties all activities and learning into the theme that has been chosen.
  • A parish event. Each monthly session ties the catechetical theme to some parish event. That event can be specifically religious (Easter, Lent, Christ the King Sunday, May Crowning, Pentecost, etc.) or a parish community event (Parish Picnic, hosting the warming shelter for the homeless, a parish anniversary, etc.) or even secular (Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, upcoming elections, etc.). G.R.A.C.E. tries to deepen our Catholic Christian participation in and experience of whatever event is chosen.
  • A packet of take-home material. This allows an individual or family to continue to learn about, explore and apply the catechetical theme more deeply to their lives.

To review sessions from previous months or years, please click on G.R.A.C.E. Archives
To offer constructive feedback on any of the monthly sessions download and send in the monthly G.R.A.C.E. Evaluation Form.


Seven key catechetical areas are touched upon each year. There is no set yearly order in covering these areas, but all seven areas are covered each year. A specific theme which relates to the area is the focus for the monthly G.R.A.C.E. session. In this way the parish re-visits yearly the main areas of catechetical formation but with a new theme explored each year. The seven areas are:

  • Exploring Scripture as Catholics (the Bible)
  • Believing as Catholics (the Creed)
  • Living a Catholic Moral Life
  • Interacting with the Wider World (Catholic Social Teaching)
  • Identifying with the Catholic Tradition in Light of Vatican II (Church History)
  • Growing as Sacramental People
  • Catholic Prayer and Spiritual Life

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