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Faith Formation
Christian Faith Formation is a life-long deepening of our baptismal journey. We are committed to forming all Catholics in the parish in ongoing way. As much as possible we try to take an inter-generational and whole community approach to catechetical formation. To this end we call our religious formation program G.R.A.C.E.: Growing and Responding As Catholics Everyday. This program involves all parish members: adults without children, adults with children, young adults in their 20s, and children from early childhood through high school. Contact persons for various aspects of formation are listed below. To get a more complete overview of what G.R.A.C.E. involves for various age groups and how it is organized, please click on “G.R.A.C.E.” For more specific information on what formation is offered for each age group, please click on any of the appropriate links under Faith Formation on the left.

Coordinator of Faith Formation: Kathryn Locke

Responsibility for: Early Childhood Program, Grades 1-6, Sacramental Prep for First Eucharist and First Reconciliation, Christian Initiation of Children, Overall Coordinator of G.R.A.C.E.
Phone: 586.781.9488
Email: Kathryn Locke

Associate Coordinator of Faith Formation/ Youth Minister: Karen Peters

Responsibility for: Grades 7-8 and Junior High Youth Ministry, High School Youth Ministry, Sacramental Prep for Confirmation
Phone: 586.781.9488
Email: Karen Peters

Adult Formation: Bridget Theodoroff and Kathryn Locke

Responsibility for: Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.), Baptism Preparation for parents with infants, Scripture Study for Adults and other adult formation events, Parish Library
Phone: 586.781.9010
Email: Bridget Theodoroff or Kathryn Locke
Nine Key Principles Guiding Formation at Ss. John and Paul Parish

There are several core principles that we are committed to and they have guided our decisions for how we have structured faith formation at the parish.

  1. Catholic faith formation is life-long and ongoing.
  2. Full, engaged, and meaningful participation in the Sunday Eucharist is the cornerstone of all Catholic faith formation.
  3. Catholic faith formation pays great attention to preparation for and celebration of the Sacraments.
  4. Faith formation starts with an adult-centered model but always includes child, teen, and young adult-centered opportunities for learning.
  5. Faith formation involves the whole community when possible.
  6. Parents of children are the primary formation directors for their children and need to be actively involved in every aspect of their children’s faith formation.
  7. Faith formation is strengthened when intergenerational gatherings can be seen as central to the process.
  8. Faith formation is strengthened when catechetical formation is tied to concrete events in the life of the parish community.
  9. Faith formation cannot neglect age and situation-specific opportunities to develop more systematic catechesis.

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