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Evangelization and Hospitality

Click on any of the items below for further descriptions of ways to be involved in Evangelization and/or Hospitality at the parish.

Hospitality focuses on Parish Communit Life and providing hospitality support for parish-related events. For more information about any of the hospitality areas, please contact Caroline Seidel.

Evangelization focuses on how we reach out to others by being inclusive in our desire to share the gospel message with others, by evaluating and improving ways to be welcoming to all who enter our doors, and by taking concrete action steps to address pressing justice needs in our community. For more information on any of these areas please click on any of the items below or contact Bridget Theodoroff.

Evangelization Committee
  This committee meets monthly for 1 1/2 hours to discuss ways to encourage the parish to have a visible presence in the wider community and to help people become better at sharing the joy of the gospel. At three of the monthly gatherings the committee visits various parish commisssion planning meetings to learn about ongoing events and to offer input into how to keep evangelization a central focus in all that the parish does. For further links which promote other Evangelization resources, click on “Further Evangelization links”.  
Evangelization Areas

Parish Welcome Representative
Act as a link between neighborhoods and the parish. These people extend a welcome to new parish members through phone calls 1-3 months after registration in the parish to see if they can help with any questions or concerns. Help with three times a year Registration Sunday after Mass. 1 hour maximum a month.

Parish Website Committee
Work with a team of volunteers to review parish website links and look, suggesting changes for keeping it fresh and staying up-to-date. Assist parish staff in developing website info as needed. Meet only as needed. Time commitment of a few hours a month maximum.

Community Liaison / Public Relations
Develops relationships within our local area with regards to various evangelization opportunities. For example, this person would research different Public Relations prospects, locate correct office and person to speak with at the township about various church projects, etc. About one hour per month maximum.

Catholic Justice and Action Committee
Meets 6-8 times per year, developing action projects for parish involvement by researching areas of justice needs, engaging wider community leaders in understanding the needs and developing a plan of action for parish participation in addressing these justice issues.


Hospitality Committee and Parish Social Events
  This ministry pays attention to parish hospitality and refreshments for all parish-sponsored gatherings. The committee meets as needed (usually every other month) for planning and review. Parish events provide opportunities to gather as community and enjoy one another. The aim is not to raise money but to enjoy and gather together. The following events are organized by volunteer teams of 6-8 people (a different team for each event). Teams meet as needed to plan and organize the event and then attend the event itself. For more information on any of these please contact Caroline Seidel. Please check "New and Noteworthy" for information and sign-ups for upcoming parish social events.

Funeral Luncheons
Teams of 4-6 who act as host/hostess to funeral luncheons. The lunch is catered by an outside food service, but the team sets up the beverages, calls parish members who have volunteered to donate desserts, and provides the overall hospitality to the family and friends of the deceased. Time commitment of 4-5 hours for each funeral you volunteer for.

Kitchen Management
A committee of 3-4 who oversee the kitchen, making sure supplies are ordered when needed, cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen and storage areas are maintained. Three hours a month.

Refreshments for Special Events
A committee that hosts on a rotating basis the refreshment set-up and serving at special parish events such as Confirmation, large parish gatherings, special liturgies. About 3-4 hours per event.

Golf Outing: Help plan and organize yearly summer event of golf at a local course. Meetings as needed through the year.

Fall Event: Help organize, publicize and facilitate an event such as Oktoberfest/Wine tasting/Road Rally. Event changes depending on the year.

Potluck / Game Night: Usually in November or January on a Friday or Saturday night. Help organize an enjoyable evening for adults.

Parish Picnic Committee: Meet throughout the year as needed to plan the parish picnic, held on the last Sunday in June every fifth year anniversary. Recruit volunteers to serve on various subcommittees such as food, entertainment, children’s games, set up, clean up, etc.




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